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Nursing Education

Nursing Education contributes to the academic, professional, emotional, mental, social, socialization, skill and competency development of the learner in a variety of educational and clinical settings (Hospitals, Schools, Colleges of Nursing and Universities).

Nursing Education Programmes are directed towards meeting the needs of specific client groups and student populations. Administration of Nursing Education Programmes is guided by stated philosophies, purpose and objectives, theoretical framework, policies and procedures commensurate with the needs of the changing society, sound management theory and the nursing profession. The Programmes are designed for the adult learner who is self-directed, and exposed to a broad-based setting, multi-disciplinary education, preferable in a Tertiary setting

Nursing and Midwifery

The Schools of Nursing and Midwifery are institutions of higher learning, operated by the Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division, to provide Basic General Nursing Education, Basic Psychiatric Nursing Education, Nursing Assistant Training, Direct Entry Midwifery Education, Post Basic Midwifery Education and other Post Basic Nursing Specialties. The Schools are affiliated to the major teaching hospitals in North and South Trinidad, where learners are assigned to develop their clinical competencies. The courses of study are offered on a full time basis. We are an equal opportunity learning institution where persons of any race, colour, creed, political affiliation or religion are afforded all the rights enshrined in law. Our students are selected on the basis of their academic qualifications and performance at the selection interview. The Nursing Council of Trinidad & Tobago is responsible by law for approving the syllabus of training, the Curriculum, the conduct of examinations, and the registration of persons who have successfully completed the Basic Programme of Nurse Training and the Programme of Midwifery. We are committed to providing a holistic education to all our students in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. We recognize that students enter the Nursing Education Programmes with a variety of educational, cultural and life experiences, hence the goal of the Nursing Education Programme is to help students assimilate the knowledge, judgment, skill and values of the professional nurse. We exist in a diverse community and are committed to helping our students develop the virtues of honesty, integrity, and respect for the dignity and uniqueness of man. Schools of Nursing and Midwifery staff believe that learning and teaching are interactive, and therefore encourage students to assume active responsibilities for their learning.

Schools of Nursing

School of Nursing, General Hospital, Port of Spain - 624-8843

School of Psychiatric Nursing, St. Ann’s Hospital

School of Nursing, Palms Club, San Fernando - 657-2772

Nursing Assistant Training School, St. Ann’s Hospital

Nursing Assistant Training School, General Hospital, San Fernando - 225-4325 ext 13299

School of Community Health and Post Basic Nursing Education – Tel/Fax: 625-5550

Schools of Midwifery

School of Midwifery, General Hospital, Port of Spain - 624-8843

School of Midwifery, General Hospital, San Fernando - 652-3581-6 ext. 3275

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Nursing and Midwifery Education Programmes are dedicated to the preparation of personnel committed to excellence in professional practice, who will use critical thinking skills in the delivery of evidence-based quality care, in keeping with a global trends, to promote, maintain and improve the health of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
Mission Statement
The Schools of Nursing and Midwifery are engaged in educating individuals to become nursing personnel equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the delivery of quality care to the population. The Schools use the nursing process; evidence based learning and technological advances, to ensure the highest level of professional development of the individual.

Nursing Contact Information

The Nursing Education Unit
Ministry of Education
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Trinidad and Tobago W.I.
Tel: (868) 622-2181 Ext. 2005 - 2013