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Proposed changes to the existing GATE Program

Aug 30 2016

     Due to current circumstances, a decision was made on Wednesday August 3rd 2016 to reduce expenditure but
     maintain the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) Programme. The following are the proposed
     changes to the existing GATE Programme:

Students who are at present enrolled in various programmes will
continue to receive funding for their programme, in accordance with
the current funding policies.
Effective for the academic year 2017/2018 and beyond a means test
will be used.
Students who are registered to begin programmes in 2016 will be
funded in accordance with the current funding policies for academic
year 2016/2017.
1. Students whose household income falls below $10,000.00 will be
eligible for 100% funding. This will be determined by means testing.
2. Where the household income is above $10,000.00 students will be
required to pay 25% of their tuition fees.
3. Where the household income is above $30,000.00 students will be
required to pay 50% of tuition fees.
Students will be funded for only one undergraduate programme.
Postgraduate students will be funded for one programme.
Continuing students will be allowed to complete undergraduate
programmes for which funding had previously been approved.
Funding for postdraduate degrees will be available to students whose
programmes are in alignment with the country's development
The loan ceiling for students at local institutions will be raised to $35,000
annually, with the ceiling for students at regional institutions to remain
at %75,000 annually. The government will review its policies in respect of
being the sole guarantor of loans and the subsidisation of interest.
Only institutions and programmes accredited, by the Accreditation
Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) will be funded.
Persons over the age of 50 will no longer be eligible for GATE funding.
Continuing students over the age of 50 who are enrolled in
undergraduate programmes will be granted funding to complete their
Students enrolled in non-medical programmes at regional campuses
of UWI that are offered at the UWI, St. Augustine Campus, will only
be funded to the equivalent level of funding at St. Augustine Campus.
GORTT will discontinue the funding of new students in the medical
programme at St. Georges University (SGU).
TVET programmes for LEVEL III and above will be funded.


■ The Government will establish the National Education Savings Fund where the private sector will be encouraged by tax incentives to
  make fund contributions on behalf of their employees or engage in other philanthropic initiatives to build the fund.

■ The Government will consider fiscal incentives to encourage insurance companies and credit unions to invest in the devlopment of
  education savings products.

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